6 Best Wet Playgrounds in Singapore Shopping Malls


Shopping malls are all over the island. With a new one popping up every couple of months, there are so many to explore! It can be a challenge to do some shopping with the kids in tow. The newer shopping malls have been designed with kids in mind. Promising a fun play time at the shopping mall playground is a great way to bring out the best behaviour in kids.

Here are 6 of our favourite wet playgrounds in Singapore’s shopping malls. We have laid them out starting from the East of the island to the West.

Changi City Point, Changi

If you pop by this shopping mall in the East (Mommy Tip: Lots of factory outlets here), you can bring the kids to the wet playground. The 3 House is Changi City Point’s wet playground has the standard features of any mini pools with fountains.

112 Katong, East Coast

The latest mall in the East, 112 Katong may not be as massive as the other shopping malls in Singapore. What it lacks in size, 112 Katong makes up with an amazing wet playground. The shopping mall has wet playground on its rooftop complete with wet slides and tipping buckets.

Nex, Serangoon

Nex is the largest shopping mall in the North-East part of Singapore. KidzPlay @ SkyGarden, the shopping mall’s wet playground, has a huge play area to match the size of Nex. The wet playground has tipping buckets and overhead sprinklers. Be prepared to pull the kids away from this fun wet playground.

VivoCity, Harbour Front

What does the largest shopping mall in the North-East have in common with the largest shopping mall in all of Singapore? An amazing wet playground, that’s what! And with a great view of Sentosa Island. The shallow water feature is a great place to run around and have fun. If you stick around till late, be sure to enjoy the Crane Dance - an amazing light and water show featuring giant cranes.

IMM Building, Jurong East

The wet playground at IMM is named Waterplay. It lives up to its name of being an excellent play area for the kids. The flower-themed wet playground even has spraying flowers which the kids can control! Be sure to bring along an extra pair of clothes in case you get sprayed on by a trigger-happy kid.

Lot One, Choa Chu Kang

The last wet playground on our list is at the Lot One shopping mall in Choa Chu Kang. This is a big rooftop playground that has a unique feature –  a spray tunnel.

Have a fun and wet shopping trip with the kids!